At Home on the Range
By AAMW Reporter Robert Wilson
When I was first told that I was going to a golf
hit the golf bal s. I saw old guys driving the bal s
clinic, I wasn't sure what to expect. My overal
wel past 250 ft.
opinion of golf beforehand was that it was
WOW! Thank God we had professional golfers
BORING! I had always thought that golf was
as our instructors and they were great. They
such a slow paced sport, and that's real y not
real y helped me learn the basic techniques of
what I'm into.
the game.
However, once I arrived there my whole perception
Although golf is not as fast paced and high
changed. When I got to the golf range, like my
energy as my favorite sports, basketbal and
friends, I was quite nervous. I wasn't sure what
footbal , I think it is a real y fun sport. I would
the experience was going to be like.
highly recommend it to anyone who wants to
When I stepped onto the range, I was
have a good time, but doesn't want to get too
completely amazed!
physical y exhausted.
There were people of al
This sport is definitely not for everyone. It requires
different ages and ethnic
a lot of skil , a bit of science and a whole lot of
backgrounds whacking away at the
focus. I'm glad I tried the sport and who knows,
bal s and having a good time.
in time, it just may become one of my favorite
There were distance markers with
things to do.
huge numbers to show how far you