How I Felt Before and After I Played Golf
By AAMW Reporter Christopher Jackson
When I first saw golf on commercials I'd say to myself, this is a waste of time and money. I'd
make jokes about golf players and tease them if they would miss when they are a couple of feet
away from the hole. When I started this program I said to myself this would be a piece of cake.
Boy was I wrong. My first swing the golf club flew out of my hand and almost hit someone. It was
so embarrassing. I tried to pick up my golf club as fast as possible. Sadly everybody saw me.
Golf can be complicated if you make it out to be. If you take your time then you can be terrific.
At this program you learn how to drive, chip and do putt-putt golf. Driving is when you hit the
bal as far as you can. When you chip you are on the grass. You hit the bal lightly but try to
make it to your destination without digging the dirt. Last but not least putt-putt, it is like chipping
to me. The only difference was the golf club and that you are on a course.
I highly recommend this game to peers and other children. This program is something you want
to take the advantage of.