K: We are a society that depends heavily on electricity. What training do you think schools
For example, in New York City alone, there is a lot of
should have in order to educate their
use of electricity, most of that coming from renewable
students about conservation?
gas generated from power plants. Whatever we do
There is a tremendous need to train for environ-
with improvements in technology, there are always
mental issues. There should be more knowledge
pluses and minuses. With that said, a better solution
about the resources we have. It would be great to
would be for young people to be more educated in
learn about bio-fuels and solar and wind technology.
science, and from that wil come job opportunities
There should be an educational curriculum that
to work in the industry or to understand the science
teaches about science as wel as about agriculture and
of nature and the environment.
business, since they al real y do relate to each other.
New York is coming out with an energy
What message would you send to our
plan for 2013. What do you think should
be key points?
Evaluate everything that you are told by
There should be solar panels on every rooftop and
grownups. If you have questions, investigate them
there aren't. There should be wind turbines in places
yourself. Also read and write as much as possible.
where they can be built safely, such as along freeways.
It's important to always ask why and how. In
The important thing that we have to recognize is
addition, don't always believe what you read on
that we heavily depend on petroleum and natural gas,
the Internet. Lastly, do what makes you happy and
which are fossil fuels. Almost everything we use comes
what you are passionate about.
from petroleum, and there has to be a balance. I feel
Interviewing both Heidi and Karen made me realize
as if there is a place for every form of energy.
that there are many ways in which we could help
Heidi, what is your role in the Catskill
our planet. Though they weren't on the same side
Citizens of Safe Energy?
when it came to fracking, they both have a passion to
We are a grass roots organization, which means
help the planet. This was a great experience because
no one gets paid. We have about 10,000 members,
I came into the interview not having a good idea on
and they are not only in New York. Since I like to
what fracking real y was, and I came out with greater
communicate with people, my role is to write letters
knowledge about both fracking and the environment.
and speak to people to make them aware.
Karen, since some of our readers are high
school students just beginning to think
about what career path to take, what do
you feel are the most trending jobs in the
conservation and energy field?
In particular, the jobs in Pennsylvania for young
people are working on dril rigs. They can make
around $80,000 a year, plus benefits in that industry.
What I would recommend for young people is to
join either the engineering field or the field of
communications, because both teach great skil s.
John Tul er, Mirthalys Melendez and Hugh Marriott