The African American Men of Westchester
Celebrate 25 Years of Service
AAMW is a 501 (3) organization founded in 1987 by 23 Westchester County residents
to capitalize on the vast talents of our community. Our membership is made up of men
who have distinguished themselves in the fields of finance, education, government
operations, business administration, law, engineering, and technology. Additionally,
we make significant contributions to numerous civic and community based organizations.
Through the bonds of brotherhood, fellowship, the spirit of collective work and
responsibility, we strive to makes a positive difference for all we serve.
Since its inception, AAMW has focused on collaborative efforts to provide a variety of
programs aimed at strengthening families, improving the educational achievement of
young people, and addressing a variety of issues that have a disproportionate negative
impact on the African American community. The following is just a partial list of the
many AAMW sponsored programs, such as Environmental Forums, Healthy People
2000, and Soccer/Golf/Basketball Clinics:
AAMW sponsored the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Family Day Celebration at the County
Center which attracted more than 50,000 attendees over a 15 year period, to keep the
legacy of Dr. King alive, and to participate in programs that included health screening,
financial planning, scholarship availability, home buying counseling, etc. Its successor,
the MLK Youth Legacy Awards Luncheon, attracts 500 people to honor six youths from
throughout Westchester every year, who embody Dr. King's teachings of responsibility,
community service, and leadership over its 10 year existence.
The Business Skills Olympics (BSO) is another program that is designed to prepare youth
from throughout Westchester to serve as future business leaders critical to the economic
vitality of the county. Since 2003, 13 high schools in Westchester have sent 100 students
annually to participate in a full day program to solve a Harvard Business School Case
Study. Business, academic, and civic leaders serve as facilitators and judges to select
three winners in this highly spirited competition.
The Brotherhood Breakfast has brought together over 6,000 business, civic, and political
leaders over the past 20 years to recognize individuals and corporations that make
meaningful contributions to all aspects of life in Westchester. The Breakfast also provides
an opportunity for members of the community to network with business leaders to foster
economic empowerment.
Domestic Violence Forums (Forum) entitled "Men Speaking to Men About Violence
Against Women". Domestic violence is a fact of life that plagues all racial, ethnic, and
socio-economic groups in the county, and AAMW, along with its partners has sponsored
a full day symposium consisting of keynote speakers,
workshops, and seminars for men aimed at educating
them about the damage this does to women and families.
The Forums present participants with strategies to combat
this evil that affects us all.
In the pages of this magazine you will read about key
programs through the eyes of the youth we serve.
Lawrence C. Salley
Lawrence C. Salley