Piano Man
By Tashim Burroughs, Great Falls Academy
I was just leaving a big party where I had had lots of fun, but my allergy medicine was kicking in
and it was time for me to leave. I needed a ride home but no one I knew was around to give me
a ride. I had no phone, no wallet, and no money so I decided to hitchhike, and after about 2
hours of waving my arms at all passing cars I was getting really dizzy and needed to get home.
One car finally pulled over and out of desperation, I got in.
The woman who had pulled over rolled down the window and said to me, "Hey sir! Would you
like a ride home?" I said sure and got in her car. She was about 5'8" and light-skinned, and
seemed to be a very nice lady. I got in the car and put on my seat belt. The lady started to drive
and tell me about herself. She said her name was Rosemarie and then continued to talk and talk
and talk. I began to fall asleep without even telling her where I lived; she just kept talking and
The next day I woke up in the car, alone, in the middle of nowhere. There wasn't a store or a
house in site. I started to hope that Rosemarie had just parked and was making a run to a store
or a gas station or something and was coming back soon but after a couple of hours I realized
I was all alone. I began to walk around and realized I was still a little tired and I was very
hungry; but my first priority was to find a phone to call my family. I didn't have a cent inside of
my pockets and I was really and truly lost. I sat down on a pile of rocks and looked out into the
ocean. It was completely quiet and I didn't see a soul anywhere. I wished and prayed that some-
one would come and save me but time just kept going and going and I honestly thought I was
going to die from hunger and thirst.
Suddenly, I thought I saw a man walking down the road, so I started yelling, "Help me! Help
me!" But he kept walking on and ignoring me and then vanished into thin air I realized he was
just a mirage. Out of desperation, I kept walking down the road and the longer I walked the
more I tried to remember about what had happened after the party and that strange ride with
Rosemarie, but I couldn't find any answers. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't even hear
the sound of the truck tires on the road until it passed me. I stood still just staring at the truck's
sign "PIANO MOVERS". What was this piano delivery truck doing out here in the middle of
nowhere? I hadn't seen a truck like this since I was a little boy and I used to play piano.
Finally, I shook myself and started to run after it, screaming, and waving my arms until the truck
stopped. The old guy driving the truck said, "Where you going to, young man?" I told him where
I lived and he offered to take me home. He shared his water and his sandwich and listened as
I told him the story of how I became stranded. After he dropped me off, I realized I never even
asked his name. But still to this day, I remember and will never forget, the day that old man in
the piano truck who saved my life.