From Panther Academy
A cento, or "collage poem," is a poem composed entirely
of lines from other texts.
The lines in these centos are from the stories in the Institute
For Learning Theme Unit.
Poem 1
By Kassandra Fred
By Maleek Linder
By Jamier Serpa
The moon came out
Summer days
He would not tell how frightened he had been.
When they reached the sea
Trembling there
He just stood there grinning
Laughing at their jokes
Sitting trapped and ignorant.
Never letting on
She will never bring her friends
Forcing words
Impose a private will upon a fellow creature
Always too busy
Some of them exhausted
Hesitation was no part of her nature.
Reaching toward her
A little while later.
Counting his steps
Opened and spread her arms out
Never takes a shot
Not talking
Free, free, free!
She was afraid
Continues to sob in his dreams.
The storm of grief had spent itself.
By Lydia Pagan
By Anthony Powell
Throw back the light of the sun
By Michelle Santiago
They shook hands
In the morning
I really didn't think he was
One by one, people
Who was she named after?
Clumsy, concrete hands
Lie about
No one would ever know it
Goddess of Victory,
Bearing the sad message
With greatest sympathy,
was facing the open window
I couldn't bear it any longer
Without kind, tender hands
A shadow whispered
They did not even know,
Free! Body and soul free!
They hurt a lot of people.
The sounds
A kind intention
By Sidney Ricks III
In the dark the man haunted her body a feverish triumph in her eyes for a long time they did not move but the clouds
were moving across the moon but what did it matter a pleasant surprise pressed down by physical exhaustion to shove
him away she ran and found out it was truth.
Lines from: Chopin, Kate. "Story of an Hour." O'Brien, Timothy. "Where Have You Gone,
Charming Bil y?" Walker, Alice. "Everyday Use."