By Shannon O'Connor, Rosa L. Parks School of Fine and Performing Arts
Advancements in technology are allowing people new luxuries to make every day life easier.
Items are delivered right to the door, we have the ability to pause our televisions and robots have
replaced humans on assembly lines.
So, where is technology going next? Across the country, engineers are now working on how to
incorporate drones into everyday life. That's right--drones! The same machines that go to
war and wreak havoc in other countries are now in the process of being used within the US for
commercial purposes. Engineers are aiming to use these unmanned aircrafts as an airmail
delivery system. Some applications include delivering medication to the elderly, and dropping
off personal packages and merchandise right to our doorsteps. In fact, Amazon is now testing
the system for small merchandise. They are also being tested by local authorities to patrol and
monitor towns.
There are also rumors that drones will be coming to New Jersey in just a matter of years.
Engineers have the right idea, but do we really want mini-airplanes zooming just above our heads?
It's not only New Jersey who has a possible future with these aircrafts, but the rest of America.
The goal is to bring efficiency to every city, town, and state. So if you're frightened by this idea,
don't feel so bad, because you're not alone. Surely, most of America is frightened along with you.