Ebola Virus
By Fiorella Guanilo, Rosa L. Parks School of Fine and Performing Arts
There should be more research done on the symptoms
The solution is not to reuse needles. Use them once
that are caused by the Ebola virus. We may be aware
and discard safely. While medical professionals
of how it spreads, but we do not know the exact
have learned to use sanitary equipment and tread
cause. Gaining this information can prevent the
cautiously around infected people, they do not
spread of this disease and possibly find a cure.
know what actually causes the virus. This puzzle
means authorities can respond wel and usually
To begin with, the Ebola virus in humans provokes a contain the spread, but there really is no way to
violent hemorrhagic fever. The beginning symptoms
stop the virus altogether. Is the virus some sort
are intense. According to research, the virus has
of mutation based on an ancient plague? It is
appeared sporadically since its initial recognition
these answers that doctors and scientists are still
in 1976. One important fact we know is that this
searching for.
infection spreads from animals and infected sources
such as needles and syringes. We know this much,
Furthermore, in order to prevent the spread of
but do we know enough?
this virus, we must know the main source that
has started all of this. Some people might have
Based on the research, "It has been said that because
developed antibodies, but not everyone does.
the natural reservoir of the virus is unknown, the
The Ebola virus has the ability to become airborne
manner in which the virus first appears in a human
and survive in diverse climates. Because this virus
at the start of an outbreak has not been determined"
can jump species, it only further indicates the
(Ebola Hemorrhagic Sheet, page 1). This virus has
complexities of Ebola.
different stages and if we focus more on the research
of what causes it, we will be able to avoid this
The most important piece of information that
situation. "People can be exposed to the Ebola
is needed is what causes the virus. If doctors
virus from direct contact with the blood and/or
and scientists want to know how to stop the
secretions of an infected person" (Ebola Hemorrhagic
virus, they must locate its origin. They are still
Sheet, page 1) Humans can get infected by the
a lot of unanswered questions.
corpse of an animal. We know how it affects
humans who are exposed to this virus, but we do
not know how it originates in animals. It might be
from unsanitary places or from predators consuming
infected preys.
Another way that people have been infected with
this virus is through needles. "If needles or syringes
become contaminated with the virus and are then
reused, numerous people can become infected"
(Ebola Hemorrhagic Sheet, page 1). This article
about the Ebola virus tells us that people can get
infected by needles.
Ebola virus or EBOV is one of the many causes of viral
hemorrhagic fever syndrome