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Interview with Walter Scherr
KXP On-Cal Reporter Jalen Sermon
Walter Scherr has been profiled in Fortune Magazine, The Wall Street
Journal and Newsday. He is a career businessman who participated in
the tech boom of the 1990s, produced a Hollywood film, and helped to
set up a successful oil & gas company with his sons.
Inspired by a meeting with Mother Teresa who told him to always "honor
the caretakers", he has long been a philanthropist, and through the Vera
and Walter J. Scherr Foundation, all proceeds from this book will be for
the benefit of The Center for Discovery.
Q: Who are you and what do you believe your born to doesn't matter. I've traveled to over
purpose is?
40 countries and all the business people I have
I'm Walter Scherr, a 91 year old man who
ever spoken to all wanted to come to the United
wants to leave a legacy. This is my story, how
States, because our great nation is viewed as
a boy from Queens, New York who overcame
the land of opportunity where anyone may
a life threatening illness in the depression era,
become successful.
lived an adventurous life as a globe-trotting
executive who witnessed and helped to foster
the post World War II economic boom.
Q: What life threatening il ness did you overcome?
Due to active tuberculosis I was confined to
a sanatorium for more than six years.
Most of my buddies were going off to war,
some to never return. I didn't begin my career
until my late 20s. Maybe that was what drove
me to success; the pressure to catch up with
my peers who were already established and
had already finished college.
Q: What are you passionate about?
I'm passionate about the United States of
America, which is the only country, because of
our founding fathers, the constitution, and the
legal system, where heritage doesn't hold you
back. Where you were born or who you were
Walter Scherr and KXP On-Cal Reporter Jalen Sermon