Franklin Delan0 R00sevelt's H0use and
1 year to finish, and it was made out of wood.
Franklin Delan0 R00sevelt's
After that we went to his house and learned more
H0use and Library
By Kids X-Press Reporter Maxwel Ma
about polio and his wife Eleanor Roosevelt.
By Kids X-Press Reporter Maxwel Ma
Eleanor Roosevelt helped Franklin Roosevelt through
polio, by helping him see and hear. He needed her
because he couldn't walk so she was his eyes and
ears for all the people around the country.
Then we went to the Rose Garden. He loved it so
much that he wanted to be buried there. So Franklin
Roosevelt was buried there. The USA flag marks the
location of his body. The Rose Garden didn't have
any flowers because it was winter. It was a good
day and I learned so many things.
We visited Franklin Delano Roosevelt's house and
Fish in Danger
library in the Hyde Park, NY. He was president for
By Kids X-Press Reporter Elijah Florian
4 terms from 1933-1945, that's 12 years! He died
I would love to be a marine biologist when I grow
a few months later after being re-elected for his 4th
up because there are many great things in the
term. He died of a stroke on April 12, 1945. We
ocean that I want to protect. I want to protect
learned about his idea, "the New Deal." We also
clownfish and butterfly fish. A butterfly fish is what
learned about polio, a disease that paralyses your
I am studying in school. It has yellow and black
legs, making it impossible to walk. He got it in 1921
stripes, while the clownfish has white and orange
at the age of 39. He had crutches and a wheelchair.
He fought it off. He bought a pool in Warming
I also want to protect great white sharks and
Springs, Georgia and made it into a polio treatment
tiger sharks because my brother likes sharks.
center. Then, he mastered the 2-point-walk, where
Around the world they make shark fin soup.
you hold somebody's shoulder with one hand and
I tried it and it tasted so, so, so bad! The goblin
a crutch in the other. Franklin Roosevelt thought that
shark lives deep in the ocean and when it bites,
polio would hurt his political career, so he made
another set of teeth come out.
everyone keep it a secret, even the news!
The coral reefs are also endangered because
In November of 1940, he became president of the
the temperature of the ocean is rising.
United States because his competitor couldn't
People can protect the oceans by not throwing
compete, so Franklin Roosevelt became president
trash in them or by keeping others from throwing
for a 3rd term.
trash in them.
We visited his presidential library and they told us
They can also stop using nets to catch endangered
all the good things he did, like the New Deal.
fish and sharks. This is why I want to protect
The New Deal was aid to the Great Depression.
the oceans.
The Great Depression was an economic slump from
1931-1940. It was the worst economic slump in the
USA. The New Deal helped people find jobs and
improve the economy.
We visited the gift section where all his gifts were
placed. These gifts were given to him by people
all over the globe. We saw a cathedral that took