2016 Touch the Sky Honorees
Michael Luckett
After being introduced to Kids X-Press, Michael Luckett began his internship working with
Kids X-Press in 2014 as a high school student while attending Woodlands High School in
White Plains, NY. Michael enjoyed creating the trivia and puzzle sections of Kids X-Press
magazine for two years. As an eager and talented artist, he also provided magazine
illustrations and helped with the program and production tasks needed to publish creative
and informative magazines.
His appreciation in working with children stems from his personal involvement with
community work at his church, Youth Mission of Life, located in White Plains, New York.
As the Christian Day Camp Junior Youth Counselor, he assists the YMOL Camp Director
with sports time, and other youth group activities during the Christian Day Camp. He coordinates outings
and events for youth throughout the year, and encourages the development of spiritual, musical, artistic, and
technical gifts of children in the community and surrounding areas. He is recognized as a humble young
man and a mentor to many children. He serves Youth Mission of Life church as an usher, clarinet player,
saxophone player and vocalist in the church senior orchestra.
Upon graduation in 2015, Michael began attending Westchester Community College, majoring in Business.
He has a passion for healthcare and is very interested in becoming a radiologist.
Ryan Joseph
My name is Ryan Sergio Joseph, I am twelve years old and I am proud to be a Haitian-
American kid. I was born on August 3, 2004 at Sound Shore Medical Hospital in New
Rochelle. I lived in New Rochelle until I was nine years old and went to Jefferson Elementary
School. I left in the fourth grade. I currently go to Cross Hill Academy in Yonkers. My favorite
subject in school is math because it's challenging and requires a lot of concentration. I think
I am very hyper, but very energetic. I love to make friends, listen to music and play video
games. I am also an Anime lover. I love Anime's games including Naruto, Dragonball,
Attack on Titan, Soul Eater and Full Metal Alchemist. One of my other favorite hobbies is
playing football and when I grow up, I would like to be a football player.
My favorite holiday has always been Christmas because I get to spend time with my family. I cherish the time
that I have with them. The four of us are one family. I have my dad, my sister Zendaya and my brother, Gabriel.
I love to play football with my dad and I like to help my siblings. I have been like their teacher, teaching them
their ABC's and 123's, the animals and the shapes.
I remember the work that I did with Kids X-Press. I wrote a story about how superheroes should come out
of hiding and help the earth with recycling. I chose to write about Superman because he is strong, has laser
vision, has frosty breath and he can fly so fast that he can rewind time.
Make sure that every child who wants to fly gets a chance to touch the sky.
~ Hugh B. Price, former President of the National Urban League