In November of 2015 Kids X-Press
KXP-On-Call Reporter, Jalen Sermon
had the wonderful opportunity of
interviewing Henrik Lundqvist,
goaltender for the NY Rangers.
We discovered that not only was he
a talented athlete, he was also a
phenomenal humanitarian whose
desire is to impact positive change
for children throughout the world.
We acknowledge the alignment of the
missions of our two organizations and
we believe that the HLF deserves
a place in our magazine.
The Henrik Lundqvist Foundation was
founded in 2014 by NY Rangers
goaltender Henrik Lundqvist and his
wife Therese. After years of serving others
through Madison Square Garden's Garden
of Dreams Foundation, Henrik decided
to create his own foundation with partners
spanning from New York City to Sweden
and the Dominican Republic. The Henrik
Lundqvist Foundation strives to create
positive change in the lives of children
and their families throughout the world,
one visit to deliver over
through education and health services.
170 gifts, which Henrik
Since its inception in 2014, HLF has given away
and Therese Lundqvist
over $180,000 in grants supporting children's
distributed to patients
health and education and is making a difference
on Christmas morning.
in the world through HLF's community partners.
Doctors, nurses and staff also speak of about how
Through HLF support, 17 schools, totaling 326
Henrik's visits lift spirits and morale for everyone
NYC students, received healthful eating education
at the hospital.
programming and were supplied with ingredients
Over 200 students in the Dominican Republic have
to prepare low-cost, nutritious meals at home
received school supplies for over 2 years and will
with the Food Bank for NYC. More than 75
learn in a clean and safe environment. Through
patients and their family members have met
the Garden of Dreams Foundation, 500 NY-area
Henrik Lundqvist during hospital visits to meet
children and families attended a Rangers games
and spread cheer to sick children which included
in "Henrik's Crease", free of charge.