Q: Who had the greatest impact in your life?
A: The group that had the greatest impact in
my life is family, mothers, fathers, grandparents,
caretakers, and all who instill the values and
morals that you need to succeed.
It is also important to have a mentor as you
travel the road of life and business. So listen
to the family that cares for you and always
look for a mentor to guide you along your
career and life path.
Q: What are some companies you founded?
By the age of 37, I founded Visual Sciences
Inc. and Panafax, the first publicly traded
facsimile company. At 66, I founded and sat
on the board of Vecco Instruments, Inc. During
our first year we had $30 million dollars in
Walter Scherr, a passionate and caring humanitarian who believes
debt and $25 million in sales. Eighteen years
that the more you give away, the more God wil bless you.
later the market value of Vecco Instruments, Inc.
Q: Do you believe that your foundation is
was $1 billion.
related to what you want for this world?
Q: How did you make your first mil ion dol ars?
The Vera and Walter J. Scherr Family
How I made my first mil ion dol ars isn't real y
Foundation is a living legacy and I have just
important, it's the method and integrity of how
written my autobiography, Walter's Way,
much you earn, that is really important.
which is also a living legacy. All proceeds
A million dollars is not the be all and end all
from the book go to The Center For Discovery.
of life. You need to help others and bring them
More information about the book and The Center
up to the level of happiness.
may be found at www.waltersway.org
Moral... the more money you give away the
Q: What advice can you give to someone who
more God blesses you.
wants to be successful, but doesn't know what
Q: What is the impact you want to make in
to do or where to start?
this world?
You can't be successful unless you are
I want my legacy to be that I cared about
passionate about the field you are going into.
my family, my country, and God. And I believe
You should try to get the education and experience
that giving back whether it is money or
that will back up your ambitions and passion.
volunteering is key to leaving a legacy that
Honestly, you're not going to be successful at
will be remembered. No one cares what you
something you don't like. Persistence and
know until they know that you care. Let them
determination are necessary to succeed.
know you care, and then they will want to
Attitude is everything attitude is one of the
know what knowledge you can share.
major keys to success.