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Welcome to our fall edition of Kids X-Press magazine! We are so excited
to bring you plenty of new things to discover. We are extremely grateful
that our KXP On-Call Reporters met and interviewed some wonderful folks
this year including Walter Scherr and Henrik Lundqvist, with many more
to come. Piggy, our Kids X-Press Spokespig, started his own membership club and has
begun his virtual tour stopping at places of interest. Perhaps your place wil be his next stop.
Dedicated and committed partners to Kids X-Press have worked with our children on so many
projects. Through the generous support of Entergy, GEMS from the YWCA had the opportunity
to craft letters to their favorite celebrities asking them to devise ways to reverse climate change
while kids from the William Boyce Thompson School in Yonkers asked superheroes to use their
superpowers to save and clean the earth. Frank Fraley, environmental hero and President of SHARE,
was our featured interview in our spring edition. BASF has just celebrated their 150th anniversary!
Creating chemistry across the United States and around the world for 150 years is quite an
accomplishment. Congratulations BASF! BASF's 6th edition focused on how students can proactively
play a role in the application of chemistry in correlation to everything we do in our lives.
In addition to NYPA's Renewable Energy Magazine with P.S. 25, The Bilingual School in the Bronx,
Kids X-Press received a special invitation by New York Power Authority to visit the Power Vista
Visitors Center and work with the students to create a specialized magazine devoted to the new
STEMsational Summer Camp. Students participated in science and engineering experiments while
developing their critical thinking about energy usage and energy conservation. KXP On-Call
Reporters were enlightened by their interview with Harry Francois, NYPA's Western New York
Regional Manager. He shared his wisdom and experience with our KXP Reporters.
In this edition, you will find dazzling artwork from students at the HS for Law Enforcement
and Public Safety. HSLEAPS also created their own magazine this year providing students with
information that would prepare them for state examinations, the NYS Regents. The magazine
included Common Core work written by the students and study tips to guide and help with a
better testing experience. This magazine was a tribute to the academic excellence of these
students and provided an opportunity for the school to showcase their students.
We hope you enjoy reading this edition. And, please remember that we look forward to
receiving your writing, artwork, poems, song lyrics and more for publication.
Your contributions are truly the heart of our mission!
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Marsha Tom
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