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Energy Tips
By Kids X-Press Reporter Gleanson Gambra
You could tell others to
recycle paper and bottles.
By Kids X-Press Reporter Judith Rueda
By Kids X-Press Reporter Tasmeen Baker
You can raise awareness by shutting
Have you ever drank soda and it ended up
down electronics when you don't
in the trash can? It gets dumped into the ocean
need it.
and makes the animals sick and die. But there
is something you can do to change that, recycle.
By Kids X-Press Reporter Luz Maria Curiel
Recycling is really good for the environment.
To save energy we should not waste
We can use it again instead of throwing it away.
a lot of water.
So let's not let the world down!
By Kids X-Press Reporter Katherine NaJera
By Kids X-Press Reporter Zion Brisbane
We can turn off lights, computers,
We need to recycle because if we don't it will hurt
and electronics when not in use.
the earth and there will be mountains of trash up
We can set electronics to use
in the sky. A plastic water bottle can be turned
energy saver features and replace
into something new, like a plant terrarium.
incandescent light.
Earth is our planet.
By Kids X-Press Reporter Franklin Fortuna
By Kids X-Press Reporter Jeremiah Morales
You could also use both side of the
Recycling means to separate paper, glass, metal,
paper when making copies. It's
cans and bottles. It helps our planet by making
your home protect it.
our earth clean. We need to recycle!!
By Kids X-Press Reporter Paola Dejesus
By Kids X-Press Reporter Tristen Valentin
Give a teacher a ticket when they
Recycling is to separate glass and plastic
leave the lights or smart board
bottles from the trash to save our planet and
computer on when it is not in use.
Hey kids!
Three more tips:
Il ustration by Denise Maximo
Use renewable energy, plant
more trees, and use water