KXP Storytellers
By Kids X-Press Reporter Melany Aguilar
Once upon a time there was one princess who ruled the sun and a queen who
ruled the moon.The princess's name was Ivy and the queen's name was Luna.
Princess Ivy was nice to the people that lived on the sun, the queen however was
evil and fought with her citizens and made them work hard every day. When Luna
heard there was a princess who lived on the sun she wanted to take over the
sun and rule it so she can have more power. She planned to train her citizens to
fight the people of the sun. One citizen heard about the plan and was nice
enough to tell Princess Ivy. "Princess Ivy!
I have news to tell you!" said the citizen. "What is the news?" asked Ivy. "The queen
is going to attack you and take over the sun!" said the citizen. "Thank you for
telling me I really appreciate it," said Ivy. The citizen went back to the moon. Some
of the people who live on the sun overheared it. "Are we to fight back Princess Ivy?"
said the people. "No we are not going to fight back we are just going to trick her"
said Ivy, "Very clever" said people of the sun. The queen was going to the sun but
Ivy used her magic to send her to live in a star for a thousand years.